Welcome to my blog.  And let me say this – crises will happen. The question to consider where “crisis” is concerned is not ‘if’ but ‘when.’  So, what separates those who deal with it effectively and those who crumble in its onslaught?

French photographer Jean Guichard is famous for a series of intense images he caught off the coast of France in 1989.  These unbelievable photos were of awe-inspiring waves battering against and over a lighthouse named La Jument.

“La Jument 2” by Jean Guichard, 1989. Taken from Lovely Old Tree.

Looking closely, a singular man in the midst of this torrent stands ready to enter the stone spire avoiding the onrush.  These waves of startling size and strength beat their wrath away until the storm abates and the lighthouse remains.  La Jument stands as a powerful image as it weathers the startling crisis these waves would represent to any other man.

So, welcome to this exploration of those who know the strength of their walls and those who simply don’t.


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